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5 days (and counting) [21 Jul 2007|11:23pm]
I'll lived by myself for five days in a row. I think I might live by myself for the rest of the weekend, which would make it almost an entire week of living by myself.

I guess technically I lived by myself the summer after I graduated from high school because no one would come home. I really lived at Michael's house then, though, so I had lots of people around.

I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Research for immigration paper. [24 Mar 2007|02:56pm]

From the Washington Post, May 20, 2006:
Arpaio's approach has struck a chord among those who want to curtail illegal immigration in Arizona.

A former D.C. police officer and federal narcotics agent, Arpaio first ran for sheriff in 1992 and since then has garnered attention for constructing a tent city jail housing 2,000 inmates in the desert, forcing prisoners to wear pink underwear and creating what he says is the world's only female chain gang. He has been reelected three times by substantial margins, and his campaign against illegal immigrants has garnered him reams of e-mails from fans.

"If you get caught by immigration, you get a free ride back to Mexico in an air-conditioned bus," Arpaio said. "A free ride? Not in my county. I'm going to put them on chain gangs, in tents and feed them bologna sandwiches."

[27 Feb 2007|07:15pm]
I'm 5 weeks into my senior year (as in last two semesters) in college. I decided today that the way I thought about college in high school was kind of dumb. I tried to get into the most prestigious college that I could, so that I could get the best grades that I could, so that I could ... I'm not sure why. I might have gotten into the schools I wanted to, and I might have gotten As in my classes... but the best part about school has been good friends, a major that I really like, and a lot of learning how to treat other people. I'm not sure if that means I would have done anything differently, or if I would have made any different decisions... but yeah.

[08 Jan 2007|11:45pm]
My roommate Ashley just decided not to come back to Biola :'(

Molca Salsa....

all different :(

The last time housing assigned me roommates, one was good. Car and I could take the chance of having someone new... or we could try to find someone. Ugh.

[29 Dec 2006|09:33pm]
Someone should teach Fergie how to spell Tasty.

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